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Let's Get Coding Book

Educational, informative, easy to follow code, and jargon free

Notes before emailing.
Like all coding books they may need a minor future amendment.

I cannot answer ALL requests or help with odd coding problems!

Coding is NOT that easy - without some help from a parent or tutor!

You may contact the author if your having a difficulty with a book link.

I cannot reply to ANY
requests - outside of this book!

I support local bookshops - but,
I am not involved in SALES of books!

Notes: a possible issue - (not really a problem, but an example).:
When using any Python coding from the book, please ensure you download all the DROPBOX files in one go (and save them immediately into a project file or folder). Dropbox does not allow compressed zip files to be downloaded (as I wish it would). All the project Python graphic files must be however kept together - in the same folder - to work properly!

Any other helpful suggestions or comments welcome!

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Last update: 24th February 2022

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